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Gronk'd UP

Aug 17, 2020

On his first day in business Andy Frisella’s company brought in $7. On their second day, his company brought in nothing. It took them 8 months to have a day of sales over $200. 7 years after that he was only bringing home $695 total in a month. 10 years into business his perseverance and dedication was earning him and his business partner $45,000 per year each. They defined “humble beginnings.”

Fast forward to today and his companies, Supplement Superstores and 1st Phorm,  are coming up on a Billion in sales a year. 

If you are curious how he made this incredible leap, and what kind of mindset it took to persevere to get to that $100-million mark, then you are definitely going to want to see this Podcast with Andy.

Just in case you didn’t think this was impressive enough, Andy also built one of the world’s most successful business podcasts called The MFCEO Project Podcast. And also now has the RealAF