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Gronk'd UP

Apr 27, 2020

Mark Divine served for nine years total on active duty and eleven as a Reserve SEAL, retiring as Commander in 2011. 
He started his career as a CPA with a masters degree from NYU, working at a top CPA firm and then left for the navy seals.  He graduated first in his class and out of the 19 men that completed the seal training, 7 of them came from his boat crew.  Not one single man in his boat crew quit, they all made it through.
Mark Divine is an over achiever, He started his career as a CPA, then To Navy Seal, then to a successful restaurant owner, to a government contracting company, Sealfit and unbeatable mind and best selling author. 
On this podcast, Mark breaks down how mediation showed him his path in life.  It helped him make the choice to leave the accounting firm and join the navy seals.  He explains how mediation can also help you find your way and succeed in life.