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Gronk'd UP

Oct 7, 2019

Ever wonder what it's truly like behind the scene of ABC's Shark Tank? 

Did you know that each pitch could be hours long?  Mine was about an hour long but you only see the good parts on tv... like playing flip cup against the sharks and chest bumping with my bros.  Ohhh yeah, and of course, getting offers from all 5 Sharks. 

That was an amazing journey and walking away with a deal from two sharks was a dream come true. 

But as great as it was, that was when all the work really started!  Ice Shaker was just a little itty bitty side hustle that was being shipped out of my house when we aired.

A lot of hard work and long hours later, it has blossomed into a full line of kitchen grade stainless steel bottles designed to help live a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle.  

If you like listening to stories about sports, hard work, entrepreneurship and motivation then check out my podcast.  

The goal of the podcast is to bring you value not just in business but also in your everyday life and of course to keep you entertained with some ridiculous Gronk'd UP stories of growing up in a family of 5 over sized boys. 

We dive into topics such as how to start a business, what Shark Tank is really like, how to effectively market a product, healthy living, motivation, mindset and so much more.

Check out our first episode and don't blame me if you like it and start binge listening to them all.  

Don't worry if you listen to them all in the next couple of hours, we release new episodes every Monday and sometimes on Friday.  Please subscribe so you are notified every time a new episode becomes available.